Winter Spring Term of Weekly Art Classes

Our Studio will be closed until April 5th.  Should your child be registered in our program, please check your email for all updates.

One hour weekly lessons are held from September to December and January to June. Children will learn to create works in acrylic paint on canvas, watercolours, oil pastels, coloured pencils, sculpture and various drawing mediums.

Our lessons are developed specifically for individual needs and skill level.
Class size is small to allow for individual instruction.

Programs available for children ages 4-17.
Classes are run by a professional artist with more than 15 years experience teaching art to children.

*Children can join in on a term at anytime, as registration is ongoing throughout the year.

Why Weekly Art Classes?

At Tracy’s Art Studio, our classes provide a child with an important creative outlet that so many children are missing today.  Many schools are cutting back their Art curriculum, and as parents find it hard to find time at home to allow a child to get messy and create, many children have yet to discover the joy of creating Art.  Our world is so fast past these days, and schedules get to be so busy, children in our program benefit from having that quiet time set aside for Art discovery and development each week.  At Tracy’s Art Studio, we believe Art is a very important component of childhood development and learning.  We create fun and hands on classes to allow a child to grow and develop in all areas of Art, while building their confidence and encouraging them in life.  What would a world be like with no Art, expression, and creativity?  With each child that comes into our programming, we hope we never have to find that out!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of a Weekly Art Class Program;

– Provides a child with a safe and comfortable atmosphere to allow them to explore, learn and create.  Through our many lesson plans, we help to encourage children to see the beauty in the world around us.  Allowing them time to reflect upon, and be inspired to recreate what they see in their everyday lives.

– Each lesson builds on the lesson before, and through repetition children find a new found confidence that they too can learn to draw and paint.

– Through our small class sizes children gain not only confidence in art, but enjoy making some new friends their own age, who share in the same art interests.

– Routine classes help increases concentration and self expression.

Winter Spring Term 2020 – Weekly Art Classes for Children – Mixed Art Supplies —

Program Benefits:

  • All art supplies included.
  • Spark Creativity!
  • Increase your child’s confidence in Art through practice.
  • Learn new skills and techniques to improve on drawing.
  • A fun, safe place to learn and grow.
  • Join us in June for our end of term Art Show for Students!

2020 Class Schedule for our Weekly Art Program of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture for Children & Teens.  To find out the best class time for your child email us with their age, skill level (beginner or avid artist), and your availability.


* Class sizes are small to allow for individual instruction. Classes are grouped by age and skill level. Please inquire as to which class times are best suited for your child’s age and level by email.

How to Register:

1- To register for the Winter Spring 2020 Term please email the studio with your child’s age and which class times you are interested in to: [email protected]

2- Once your child’s spot is confirmed by the studio then Click to Login to Our Registration Page!