Camp for Kids – Friday February 21st

At Tracy’s Art Studio we got you covered with fun Art Projects to keep the children busy during their school breaks. From Drawing, Painting, Paper Mache, Sculpture, Clay and many fun seasonal Art projects. You’ll be amazed by what your child can create! And your child will have a blast! Camp is designed for children ages 5-13. However, to enroll in a full day program we ask that all children be at least 6 years of age (unless the studio agrees your younger child is ready for full day camp). Please ask for more details, as sometimes we allow younger ages in full day camp.

Camps at Tracy’s Art Studio are designed for the artsy child, who loves to create all things art. We keep it fun and interesting, to keep them engaged and learning. Should your child not express a keen art interest it may be best to wait until they do, before registering in a full day program. We mix it up with art, games, lunch/snack time, so the day is filled with fun. Children who attend should be able to work for periods of time on their piece of art.

We ask all parents to check availability via email, before registering online seeing as spaces are limited and programs are grouped by ages. This is our way of insuring each age group is properly filled.

Upcoming Events

Camp for Kids – Friday February 21st

Special 1 Day Camp in the event of a strike. Camp open to children who have attended our programming or those that have a keen interest in Art and creating.

March Break Art Camp – March 16th-20th, 2020

Children with a strong Art interest are welcome to join us for a fun camp week where we will be creating some exciting all new Art pieces in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media and more. Camp is open to children ages 6-12 who love art and creating. Please email the Studio first BEFORE registering online to confirm there is space for your child; [email protected]