Friday February 14th, 2020 – PA Day Art Camp

Friday February 14th, 2020 – PA Day Art Camp

Children with a strong Art interest are welcome to join us for a fun PD Day Art Camp where we will be creating some exciting Art pieces!   Camp is open to children ages 6-12, who have a keen interest in learning art, no matter of their skill level.  Our Camps are designed for the the Artsy child who can not get enough of Art and Creating!  If this does not describe your child we suggest starting them off slowly, in one of our Weekly After School Art Classes.  These classes are only 1 hour in length and provide a good learning bases for beginners and also those more advanced in Art.  A full day camp is only open to those who have a keen interest to learn Art, are ready to have fun creating, and can focus all day working on Painting/Drawing.  Please make sure this describes your child before registering.

Each school board has different PA Days, check with your child’s school before registering that they have the day off.

Times Available and Cost:
Full Day: 9am-4pm ($50+HST)
Extended Day: 8:00am-5:00pm ($57+HST )
How to Register:
Before registering below please email the studio to confirm there is space available for your child and their age.  Email: [email protected]  Once your space is confirmed you may then proceed to register.
What to Bring: 
Half day campers must bring: a small NUT FREE snack, an art shirt and indoor shoes.
Full/Extended day campers must bring: 2 snacks and a lunch all NUT FREE, an art shirt, indoor shoes, and in case of bad weather, a bag to take the art home in.
*Please note this is a NUT FREE Studio, no nuts of ANY kind!  Children with a food allergy that require an epi-pen,  MUST bring their epi-pen with them to camp, no exceptions.
Once registration is received online, there is No Refunds or Credits should your child be unable to attend.  Only if a camp should have to be cancelled by the studio will a refund be provided. 

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This event is fully booked.