Policy Terms

Thank you for your attendance to our Studio.  In order to make your class as successful as possible here is a list of our policy.  Please note the policy below applies more to our Children’s Program.

In General:

  • Unless otherwise stated, all children’s classes are for children only. Parents are not permitted to stay. It is understandable that a child may be shy the first class, as children often require coming a few times to feel at ease with their surroundings. Should your child tend to be more shy than norm, please discuss with our studio ahead of time and we can offer some tips to make their first class positive.
  • – Please make sure before registering that you have confirmed your spot with our studio via email ahead of time.


This is a Nut Free Studio!  It is an adults responsibility to insure that all food (if any) that their child should bring, is Free of ALL kinds of nuts, not just peanuts!   Also, due to the increase in other food allergies, we do not allow eggs or sesame seeds.   Eggs – are fine if cook in product, however not on their own (hard boiled, scrambled etc). Sesame seeds – please be mindful of humus, as sometimes it does contain taheni, made from sesame.


Allergies/Health Concerns:

  • Should your child have any food allergies or other health concerns, it is a parent’s responsibility to insure then have informed staff ahead of time (ie on registration form and/or email in cases of other health issues). Should your child require an epi-pen, epi-pens must be brought with your child each time they arrive for a class/camp/workshop etc. regardless if any food will be served. Children requiring an epi-pen will not be permitted to stay, should a parent fail to send a child who requires one.


Disruptive Behaviour:

We do not tolerate disruptive behaviour. Please note children who enroll in our classes have a keen interest in art and are coming for a fun and quiet place to create regardless of their skill level. Should your child not express a keen interest in art, we love nothing more than teaching them the joys of creating and showing them that they too can be an artist! However, we do ask before registering that each child does in fact have a desire to learn, and can focus on the learning process for extended periods of time allowed in each class. Please be mindful of the other children in class. If you are unsure if art classes will be a good fit for your child, please discuss with the studio before registering them.


Refund Policy:

Once registration is received, there is no refund or credits given.   Only if cancelled by the Studio, will refunds be given.   Should you be unsure of your child’s attendance, please do not register until you are sure of your plans. Spots are limited in all classes, once your registration is received, your spot is held and we look forward to seeing you then!



A copy of your receipt will be emailed upon registration. Should you not receive an emailed receipt please notify our Studio asap.  Should you misplace your receipt, an administration fee of $20 may be required to generate an new copy. Please keep all receipt for your own tax purposes.